Originally Formulated Exclusively For European Exotics and Supercars APT Polymer Is Now Available In The US Through Select Dealers For Use On All Automotive Paint Finishes.

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Creates a "JAW DROPPING" deep gloss shine. click here to see examples

Hydrophobic Biomimetic Self Cleaning Polymer Paint Protection

One Application - 5 Year Warranty

Biomimetics can best be described as the transfer of ideas from biology to technology. The term biomimetics is defined as "the study of the formation, structure, or function of biologically produced substances and materials (as enzymes or silk) and biological mechanisms and processes (as protein synthesis or photosynthesis) especially for the purpose of synthesizing similar products by artificial mechanisms which mimic natural ones." Also known as biomimicry and bionics, biomimetics can also be defined as "the abstraction of good design from nature"

Superhydrophobicity is a physical property of a surface whereby the surface is extremely difficult to wet with water. For example, the leaves of plants, insect wings, or the wings of birds have a property which enables any external contaminants to be removed without requiring any specific removal process other than water and prevents contamination in the first place. This is possible because the leaves of plants, insect wings, and the wings of birds are superhydrophobic.

The lotus plant's self-cleaning effect stems from its surface being extremely hydrophobic (water-repelling). Despite preferring to grow in muddy rivers and lakes, the leaves of the Lotus plant (Nelumbo nucifera) remain clean and free of contaminants, even after emerging from the murky waters. The surface of the leaves have a coating of nanoscopic crystals which make them hydrophobic so they repel water droplets and help prevent wetting of the leaf surface. These micro- and nano-scale features greatly reduces the contact area between the surface and water molecules, which is the key to the cleaning process and explains how even a light rain shower is enough to wash the leaves clean. This self-cleaning ability is the inspiration for the APT POLYMER "Hydrophobic" Self Cleaning Polymer Paint System.


A long or larger molecule consisting of a chain or network of many repeating units, formed by chemically bonding together many identical or similar small molecules called monomers. A polymer is formed by polymerization, the joining of many monomer molecules.

APT POLYMER is a Biomimetic hydrophobic high quality paint polish/sealant that produces a long lasting, self cleaning, high gloss shine never before seen on all types of automotive paint finishes. Amino functional polymers resist UV rays, salt, air, snow, sleet, road film, harsh detergents and environmental contaminants that can fade or discolor automotive finishes prematurely. APT POLYMER contains gloss enhancing agents that smooth the surface and create depth of shine and clarity that is far superior to wax. APT POLYMER does not contain wax, waxes lay on the surface of the paint and provide limited protection against the elements. Ultra Violet rays, salt air, snow, sleet, road film, harsh detergents, environmental pollution and corrosive acids contained in rain, morning dew and fog can break down typical wax products much faster than a true polymer sealant.

Unlike waxes APT POLYMER utilizes two durable, amino functional silicone resins that cure to form a continuous film like the coating on the Lotus plant .This film penetrates .005 mils into the painted surface, physically bonding to the painted substrate, sealing in the deep gloss finish for long lasting beauty and protection. APT POLYMER also has (PTFE) [learn more] anti-static properties that reduce friction buildup so contaminants will not adhere to the surface.


 Instead of sitting flat along the surface of the paint, the water only makes contact with the Polymer at the top of the surface. Then, even with the slightest of angles, the water starts to slide or roll and tumbles off the surface picking up dirt particles as it goes. So-well has nature refined this system that even hydrophobic dirt particles, which would ordinarily repel water, are trapped by the rolling water droplet and washed away. This is because the particles on the surface only make contact with the polymer and so do not adhere very well. This means that the energy required by the water to pick them up is much less than the energy required to stick them to the surface and so they are washed off.
On a typical surface (one not extremely hydrophilic or hydrophobic), a drop of water slides across and leaves most dirt particles sticking to the object. On a superhydrophobic surface, a drop rolls across, picking up dirt and carrying it away. The water and dirt have greater affinity for each other than either does for the treated surface.

Water drops cleaning a biomimetic hydrophobic painted surface


APT POLYMER is available with a warranty that guarantees the finish treated with APT POLYMER will retain it's gloss and color and will be protected for five years on new vehicles and three years on pre-owned vehicles.

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