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Instructions for hand application

Taping rubber, plastic, emblems and crevices with painters masking tape is an option to avoid residue.
1.apply to applicator in x pattern one line white/one line blue. always apply to applicator first and then to surface.

2. *apply sparingly with circular motion taking care to not apply too much pressure, the more you polish as you apply, the more it shines.         
 Avoid getting excess product on emblems and in crevices.
 Removal from emblems and crevices can be done with a detailers brush or a toothbrush.

3. let cure for 45 min - 1 hr then begin removing polymer from the surface, again the more you buff the more it shines.

4. After all excess product is removed from the surface you can use the spray on and around the emblems and buff with a microfiber towel.

kit contains

1 4oz bottle blue

1 4oz bottle white

1 Applicator pad

Microfiber Towel

Polymer Maintenance Mist

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          * Do not leave on paint for extended periods such as 6-8 hours or over night, APT Polymer cures hard like a rock and will be very difficult to remove.  Do not use in direct sunlight. *For high-gloss polishing use a random orbital buffer with a terrycloth pad to apply and then remove with microfiber towel. Individual results may vary, as with anything results are commensurate with effort.

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